Dubai Real Estate Database Provider.

DataDollar gives you access to the most up-to-date and accurate real estate database in Dubai.

dubai real estate database provider

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    Data is a great asset for real estate agents, but only valuable if you can extract information from it. Otherwise, these are just single numbers. Through this real estate data, we can develop new insights, products and services that enable Dubai real estate agents to lead and serve their clients in the most efficient way. For years, real estate agents have been collecting data stored in the largest and most up-to-date real estate database in Dubai. Thanks to DataDollar, real estate databases can be available to various parties.

    The challenges we face go beyond professional data management. We enrich data and develop tools for accessing real estate data. We use the latest technology, including artificial intelligence. We combine this technology with the knowledge and experience of our real estate experts.

    dubai real estate database

    Real estate database

    In today's real estate investment market, using data is the only way to make informed decisions.

    Best real estate database

    Relying on the right resources and using real estate research will give you a competitive edge.

    Database for real estate

    Our database collects narrative information from trusted sources on a monthly basis.

    Dubai real estate database

    Real Estate database template excel

    In today's real estate investment market, using data is the only way to make informed decisions. Relying on the right resources and using real estate research will give you a competitive edge. But with so many platforms claiming to be the best data sources, how do you know which ones to trust? Well, if you are really looking for the best real estate database, you can find it in DataDollar.

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    The Dubai real estate database is designed to help potential customers eventually qualify. Who can benefit? Veteran novice investors, real estate agents and residential property managers. The DataDollar dashboard makes it easier than ever to identify your prospects. Our software automatically displays all the data you need to qualify for a prospect instantly. DataDollar has a probabilistic algorithm that tells you what is the chance that a potential customer will purchase a property. This way, you do not waste time or energy on customers who may be unqualified. Our property database can also help you find the right property for your customers (up to 90% accuracy).

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    DataDollar Dubai real estate database allows our clients to view detailed information about a specific asset or transaction, analyze it in the context of the entire market, and gain a comprehensive understanding by comparing trends within or between markets. Delve into some data and view the transactions and features within it - a feature that makes DataDollar the most trusted resource in the industry.

    Best database for real estate agents

    It is similar to any other database but to real estate data. A database is a collection of information that you find stored on your computer, organized into a sort of record or file for easy access to manage, update or analyze. This data can come from different places, whether online or manual from traditional sources. Each real estate database typically stores information collected from traditional and online sources. Depending on the intended users of the database, the basic functionality of the program may vary. We talked about databases in general, but now it's time to be more specific.

    Commercial real estate database

    We provide users with detailed real estate data on suitable offers for every real estate market in Dubai. Consider national-level data volumes up to individual communities. Our database collects narrative information from trusted sources on a monthly basis. We provide accurate information on your real estate investments and create national forecasts.

    Real Estate contact database

    We can tell you everything you need to know about a property and business - details about its physical characteristics, rent, capitalization, property history and previous transactions. But it did not end there. By providing the same information we can give you about the property and those around you, we can make you an expert instantly anywhere.


    DataDollar uses a variety of trusted sources.

    Each data set is derived from two or more independent reports supported by our study. The information flow is continuous and processed immediately to ensure that the latest information is available. Our clients are the most active brokers and investors, and they provide constant feedback to ensure we receive the most accurate trading information. Each commercial transaction has been carefully selected, standardized, inspected and verified by our skilled commercial property research team.

    DataDollar’s research team in Dubai specializes in the local market.

    The latest technology and advanced data science developed by DataDollar empower researchers to ensure data quality, consistency and integrity. However, each record is verified by two or more people, a key factor in DataDollar’s reputation as the most trusted source in the industry. The basic premise of this process is adherence to a defined and transparent approach. When appropriate, DataDollar integrates industry-standard standards and works with industry leaders to create common standards, but no definitions are available. Commercial real estate is one of the most important industries in the economy and one of the largest types of assets. In addition, almost everyone enters commercial real estate every day for business, shopping or recreation. The DataDollar Group exists to bring efficiency and transparency to the industry by providing real-time data and insights to real estate professionals.

    We are aware of the challenges facing real estate investors in finding the right rental property.

    To help investors overcome the limitations of smart business investments, Data Dollar has created interactive real estate and community information, including analysis of traditional prices, occupancy rates, seasonal trends Income potential, cost rebates, cash flow calculations and analysis of financial investments and buyers. Our focus is to provide an informative real estate analysis that allows investors to make informed decisions about their investments. Our goal is to help real estate investors access investment real estate data so they can make informed investment decisions. We believe you need to quickly find investments across the country, understand markets Multiple and achieve your financial goals.

    The real estate business is growing day by day. The modern world requires not only a record of all the events, contracts, and agreements but also quick access to all your data. This is where the DataDollar latest Dubai real estate database can help you. Whether you are a real estate agent, real estate agent, or real estate agent, you need the best information management in the most efficient way possible. A comprehensive and in-depth global real estate database. Unique private real estate coverage that includes investors, funds, fund performance, fund terms, assets, transactions, exits, service providers, and more.

    We also use thousands of resources

    We also use thousands of resources daily, including regulatory submissions, press releases, news, and websites, so you will never miss out on New Information Unlike other service providers, we do not just collect real estate data automatically. It is our relationships with people like you that make us special. Because face-to-face meetings are the backbone of our data collection, you will always be the first on your network to receive actionable and forward-looking information.

    We believe that the flow of information is critical to the development of the industry.

    A shared value for our customers and partners, helps us create a better and more transparent ecosystem in a sealed market. A ready-made email list from a real estate agent will save you a lot of time and money. With the leads and other data provided, your marketing team can make more money by focusing on what they do best. But this is not the only way we can provide cost-effective solutions for your business.

    We verify all our listings before handing them over to our customers.

    This way you can provide instant data on your email campaigns. We also offer competitive prices to all clients. You can get customized emails from realtors and pay only for the data you need. Some clients are looking for information only on certain areas in the real estate industry.

    Real estate data is our DNA.

    At DataDollar, we leverage the variety of available data sources and apply smart and innovative scientific information methods to make informed decisions. At CoreLogic, we provide the most qualified and comprehensive information on the market, with access to the largest database of real estate and real estate, and the largest network in the country of field researchers, analysts, and data scientists.

    DataDollar organizes, connects, and enriches real estate data in a unique way and provides comprehensive insights throughout the residential journey. Our success is the result of our ongoing pursuit of a vision to provide unique real estate insights that connect and advance the global real estate industry.

    We do our best to verify the phone number and contact information we provide to you.

    You are not given numbers and information about gatekeepers. We put you in front of the decision-makers, so to speak. Do not waste time and energy trying to find the right person to talk to while browsing broker listings.

    We provide our clients with a huge email list of brokers of more than millions.

    This is a powerful data set that gives you options while fine-tuning your marketing strategy. Our database is checked and updated frequently to ensure its integrity. We have manual and automated systems control. It ensures that every value and field is correct and up to date. However, that does not mean it is a guarantee. We believe nothing is perfect in the industry – especially when it comes to database technology. During this process, many things can go wrong. This is why we hire experienced editors to review our data to detect errors that pop up in our lists without knowing.

    We bring you a focused list of the best real estate agents in the country.

    This is the growth cream of the real estate agents in the industry. Our Dubai real estate database brings you in touch with the most talented professionals who put your needs first. The database we provide to our customers is organized according to an efficient system.

    This way you will find the correct email address and all the details of the broker. This includes phone numbers, agency names, websites, office addresses, and other information. Attribute-based data is critical. This allows you to be more competitive in existing markets and explore new ones. Covering over 99.99% of all assets in Dubai, the DataDollar latest real estate database provides you with comprehensive information gathered from thousands of different sources.